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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fake Bands!

This derby was a blast!

The theme was to create tour shirts for fictional rock bands...

I came up with three!

The first, a back to the future CHEESE BAND!

This one is my fave, and is actually doing quite well!  This is the first shirt design I have made for woot to be ranked among the top 9, which they call THE FOG!  This feels like a bigger deal to me than it should but it is a good feeling after 6 months of trying...  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it prints!  If you have ever bought anything at Woot before and possess the ability, jump by and give it a +1 for me. ;) 

This next one is based off of Neil Gaiman's sandman comics...

And lastly...  my Lord of the Rings shirt!

For some reason, tour shirts made me think of 80's hair metal so most of the designs had that vibe. Such fun!

In trying not to COMPLETELY turn this into a tshirt blog, I will be updating next week on my book...  Been on hiatus lately BUT inspiration is bearing its mighty paws and I have been reworking a lot!  More soon!


  1. I lost a lot of your works:)You did a lot of great T-shirts.Great the illo for Tomie De Paola and I really love Nessie:)

  2. Heh, thanks! I am pretty partial to the Nessie as well...

    I did have one of the fake bands print though!!! Posts will be up later today!