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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Flux Ambassadors!

!!!  I am EXCITE!

One of my shirt designs ACTUALLY printed on shirt.woot!

Just when I was starting to give up on all that shirt nonsense (hehe) -  I am SO HAPPY because not only do I really like this (lame) design, but I feel future prints will be easier now.  That is my hope anyway.

You can go and buy your own for 15 bucks until (probably) Monday at 1AM (I am assuming it will no longer be available after that point).  At some point in the future it will be available again, but it will cost 18 instead of 15 and be a digital print instead of a SEXY SCREENPRINT.

Act while you still can!!! Unlike Marty, if you miss out, you cannot go back in time!
Also, if you buy one, you will be able to vote on my designs in the future!  Come support the team. hehe-

OR - You can get one for FREE!!

On Friday, January 18th,  I am going to be randomly drawing a name from the list of people who have LIKED my new facebook page.  That lucky person will be win a FREE SHIRT!

Thanks to everyone who has supported my t-shirt obsession so far!  It is starting to pay off!

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  1. Congratulations! I love also the new illustrations:)